Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Earth Hour 2009

It strikes 8-30 pm in the laptop clock.

I switch off all the lights and put the laptop on battery mode.

I can hear the sound of the refrigerator. It gives me the feeling of being airborne in an aeroplane.

I look outside and see half a dozen lighted houses and I sigh.

Jay wakes up and wonders why the house is plunged in darkness. I tell him. He cant say No.

I plan to evaluate the meaning of my life in this dark solitude. I open a blog post to write, close it the next second. Ideas never strike at an opportune moment.

Jay is talking on his cellphone. Money matters.

Shivangi calls up to check if we are home. The gang is roaming the streets preaching the significance of earth hour to insignificant others.

We peek at the drama queens'. Lights run out one by one. The gang has done it.

Shivangi and her merry men land at 22 B. We escort them in careful not to bang them into the multitude of chairs.

Ram offers Cheetos, we take the bag. We offer shrikhand, they lick the bowl.

I get a torch and study its effect on the iris of my hapless victims.

Shivangi bids goodbye, opens the door and shrieks. Soumya laughs heartily.

The gang leaves in search of more victims.

We take out the bottle and cans. Jay cant see the base. I turn on the lights. Its 9-32 pm.


Neel said...

Neel said...

Drunken revelry was not so much fun though...

n now i know how shrikhand got over.......

Rajat said...

abe tera facebook band karega 2 week ke liye to hi earth hour ki saari savings exceed kar lega ... go with no facebook on monday :P.

Jay Takle said...