Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The long distance relationship with terrorism

root: phy:/dev/hda1
Error: root device does not exist

Her: Firing at Taj Hotel
Me: what?
Her: firing and grenades at taj, oberoi, cst
Me: Its happening now??
Her: Yes (copy pastes News bulletin for my benefit)
Me: ok, ya, achha...
Her: Looks like these terrorists have a lot of time on their hands. They could do my assignment instead.

I ignore the comment.
State of alertness. My drowsiness is completely engulfed by the desire to know more., oh..crap.. No desi news here
Google: ... Live Telecast: BREAKING NEWS: Mumbai under terror attack: 2 dead, 25 injured

Ping... a link from Times of India
Me: i know.
He: Vile Parle also.
Me: Crazy.

"Family??? Nah, its 11:30 pm. They would be glued to TV at this time. borivli's far off from all concerned places anyways."
Mind scans for any prospective relatives or friends staying near the C places.
"Destiny... Hopefully none hurt..."

"Should I catch a plane home right away?"
"Dont be ridiculous. You can do nothing about it."
"Maybe, may be, when I make a lot of money, and have the power to set things right... I will."

Time: 11:45 pm. IST
"Should call home..."
"Nah, they must be asleep, also they dont want too know that you know about this."
"No, they must be stuck to the TV"

Ring, ring...
I have this code to decode! chuck it, I am too excited anyways...
"Ok. Meet me in lobby"

Me: "Saw news?? Mumbai mein blasts, firing..."
She: What??? Where?
Me: CST, Taj...
She: (relieved) Ok.

Campus Center:
Chitter, chatter... Interviews, engagement, tiffin mysteries, French fries, Class, Swimming...

back to lab...
Ring, Ring...
He: "Heard about blasts??"
Me: (hoping for no bad news) "ya, your folks alright??"
He: Ya... yours?
Me: Guess so, havent called cos its late
(small guilty pang)
He: Ok, Bye then.

I look at the time. 1:17 am (IST)
They are asleep now for sure. little relief.
"Will talk later anyways..."
Back to work...

Friday, November 14, 2008

American vocab...

"Hi, How are you?"
Any reply that goes beyond the 3 words "I am good" will be ignored outright...

No reply expected at all.

"Thank You"
Must be followed by a "you are welcome" within 2 seconds, or considered rude...

Silent "good"...

"Beautiful weather..."
Any random passerby might offer that to you with a big smile under blue skies, bright sunlight and temperatures ranging around 70 F...

Your very own life-saver XEROX machine...

Where one usually 'rests' on a toilet seat with a handy newspaper...

Usually used as a 'period' or a 'comma' for long sentences
eg. I was 'like' what is she doing.. i mean 'like' she just had a breakfast...

"You know"
Where you are supposed to know, though you have no clue where the hell the discussion is going... Useful during interviews.

Use when you are least interested...

"You are good"
Taken as a sign of well-being. Good to hear from an advisor or from your boss...

"Are you single?"
A comment from the opposite sex that is supposed to make your heart flutter...

An answer that means that you are a loser... Only applies to men over the age of 15...

"1st floor"
The damn 'ground' floor...

A 6X6 feet open airy/non-airy balcony space

"Microwave Oven"
A basic necessity

The reason 90% of American beautiful women have thighs double your size...

"Extra cheese"
The reason 90% of Americans have weight double yours...

Okra = Lady's fingers
Peppers = Chillies
Tortillas = Maize chapatis
Eggplant = Brinjals
Broccoli = When cabbage and cauliflower cross-breed

Sidart = Siddharth