Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The long distance relationship with terrorism

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Her: Firing at Taj Hotel
Me: what?
Her: firing and grenades at taj, oberoi, cst
Me: Its happening now??
Her: Yes (copy pastes News bulletin for my benefit)
Me: ok, ya, achha...
Her: Looks like these terrorists have a lot of time on their hands. They could do my assignment instead.

I ignore the comment.
State of alertness. My drowsiness is completely engulfed by the desire to know more., oh..crap.. No desi news here
Google: ... Live Telecast: BREAKING NEWS: Mumbai under terror attack: 2 dead, 25 injured

Ping... a link from Times of India
Me: i know.
He: Vile Parle also.
Me: Crazy.

"Family??? Nah, its 11:30 pm. They would be glued to TV at this time. borivli's far off from all concerned places anyways."
Mind scans for any prospective relatives or friends staying near the C places.
"Destiny... Hopefully none hurt..."

"Should I catch a plane home right away?"
"Dont be ridiculous. You can do nothing about it."
"Maybe, may be, when I make a lot of money, and have the power to set things right... I will."

Time: 11:45 pm. IST
"Should call home..."
"Nah, they must be asleep, also they dont want too know that you know about this."
"No, they must be stuck to the TV"

Ring, ring...
I have this code to decode! chuck it, I am too excited anyways...
"Ok. Meet me in lobby"

Me: "Saw news?? Mumbai mein blasts, firing..."
She: What??? Where?
Me: CST, Taj...
She: (relieved) Ok.

Campus Center:
Chitter, chatter... Interviews, engagement, tiffin mysteries, French fries, Class, Swimming...

back to lab...
Ring, Ring...
He: "Heard about blasts??"
Me: (hoping for no bad news) "ya, your folks alright??"
He: Ya... yours?
Me: Guess so, havent called cos its late
(small guilty pang)
He: Ok, Bye then.

I look at the time. 1:17 am (IST)
They are asleep now for sure. little relief.
"Will talk later anyways..."
Back to work...

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